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Size 10" x 14" x 2.75" (H x W x D)
Package 1 Sign

Spanish SALIDA Exit Sign 

Spanish Exit Sign with Battery, Salida

Product Description
Mount a better sign that reaches out to a different audience. SALIDA Exit Signs meet UL924 code and make a difference.

• These damp location rated Exit Signs provide bright LED illumination in a blackout situation; battery backup is included with this unit.

• A Universal Canopy is included for easier installation.

• This SALIDA Exit sign includes universal knock-out chevrons and SALIDA faceplates.

• Features sturdy, thermoplastic housing that is completely self-contained.

• Black housing is not available with this unit.

• Installation requires professional electrician.

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1 Sign
 Power Type  
Select the power source for your sign.  
Remote Capability Option 
Remote Capability with Lead-Acid Battery
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 Single or Double Sided  
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Single Faced Exit Sign, Standard 
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Double Faced Exit Sign Add-On 
Double Faced Exit Sign for Universal Mount
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Salida Faceplate (Spanish) 
Red "Salida" Faceplate Cover
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Green Spanish Salida Faceplate 
Green "Salida" Faceplate Cover
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Please select the color of the housing. Factory default is pre-selected.  
White Housing 
White Housing is Damp Location Listed
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