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Framed Exit Sign, Double-Sided, Arrows Included: Photoluminescent Aluminum EXIT Sign, Green Aluminum panel & Frame, 7" letters (Arrows inside packing unit) (EXIT-600026DB) Learn More...

Part# EXIT-600026DB
Color Green
Shape Horizontal

Product Description

Bold Green framing and seven-inch lettering makes this Exit sign a standout. Choose an economical Exit sign to save money on your emergency program.

  • A bright green frame and panel grabs attention from a distance.
  • Large, seven inch high lettering is easy to see.
  • Solid framed Aluminum signs withstand tough conditions and last longer than any other Exit sign.
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Quantity / Price (Per Sign)
  • 10.25" x 18.75"
  • Framed Exit Sign, Double-Sided, Arrows Included
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Size:10.25" x 18.75"
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