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12 Dots with green arrow 3.5 in. diameter
Part# EXIT-83-0787
Size 3.5" Circle
Color Green
Package 12 Dots
Material Anti-Skid Photoluminescent Polycarbonate Dots [PLT-DOT]
WARNING for Proposition 65

Anti-skid Dot 

12 dots with green arrow 3.5" diameter

Package : 12 Dots • Price per Dots
Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Dots
Quantity :
Package : 12 Dots
[ Dots = Dots total]
Product Description
Point the way to a safe egress. Post sturdy, gritty vinyl anti-skid dots to illuminate pathways and prevent slipping.

• Mark your egress path with bold, visible green arrows for safety.

• These arrows help avoid dangerous stairs and uneven surfaces in the dark.

• 3.5 inches in diameter make them clearly legible from a distance.

• 150/22 luminance with gritty surface.

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