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Anti-skid safety walk strip, plain all photoluminescent
Part# EXIT-83-3415
Size 31" x 2" (H x W)
Color Photoluminescent/Black
Package 1 Strip
Material UL-1994 Listed Anti-Skid Strips [PLT-ANTI]

Anti-Skid Strip 

Anti-Skid Safety Walk Strips, striped: P/L and Black, 2" x 31"

Package : 1 Strip • Price per Strip
Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Strip
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Price per Strip:
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Product Description
Simple slip-resistance and photoluminescent technology come together with plain Safety Walk Anti-Skid Strips. Created with 3M Safety Walk technology, these adhesive strips have textured/abrasive particles embedded into a tough clear polymer backing while the material underneath is photoluminescent – enhancing slip-resistance and low-light visibility in your establishment.

• Glow-in-the-dark, self adhesive vinyl tape provides increased visibility during power outages while the rough-and-tough 3M Safety Walk surface prevents slips and falls in an emergency.

• Mark your uneven floors, walkways, steps, or an entire flight of stairs.

• Photoluminescent material requires no internal power source, plus is UL1994 listed (Standard for Luminous Egress Path Marking Systems) and sucessfully passed the requirements of UL410 (Standard for Slip Resistance of Floor Surface Materials).

• The 2” width complies with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements: California Building Code “Striping for the Visually Impaired”, requiring the upper approach and the lower tread of each flight of interior stairs to be marked by a slip resistant strip of clearly contrasting color with at least 2 inches width

• For use exclusively indoors.

• 150/22 luminance underneath.

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Anti-skid Safety Walk Strip, striped
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