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Package 1 Lamp Head

Remote Lamp Head with 8 or 12 LED’s 

LED Single Head Remote Lamp Head

Product Description
LED Remote Lamp Heads provide vital lighting to obscured areas. Lead the way to an Exit with single and double-headed lamps in your establishment.

• LED Remote heads are available in 6 Volt or 12 Volt configurations with different wattage options.

• Weather-proof remote head options are available here.

• Each light is designed to match your emergency lighting system for a consistent look throughout your building.

• Installation requires professional electrician.
You can download a detailed spec sheet by clicking here.

 Configure this Product Unit Price Quantity Amount
Package : 1 Lamp Head • Price per Lamp Head
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1 Lamp Head
 Lamp Head
 Lamp Type  
Select the amount of LEDs for your emergency light  
8 LED 1.0 Watt for Lamp Heads  Help Image
1 Adder
12 LED 1.5 Watt for Lamp Heads  Help Image
1 Sign
Please select the color of the housing. Factory default is pre-selected.  
White Housing  Help Image
1 Adder
Black Housing  Help Image
1 Adder
 Battery, Self-Testing, and Circuitry Options  
Do you want to add Battery Backup or additional capabilities?  
Self-Diagnostic/Self-Test Capability  Help Image
Self-Diagnostic/Self-Testing Option
1 Adder
Total Amount: 
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