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Unprinted Anti-Skid Photoluminescent Polycarbonate Floor Dots
Part# EXIT-83-40089
Size 2.375" Circle
Color Photoluminescent
Package 10 Dots

Anti-skid Polycarbonate Floor Dots, Self-adhesive 

Anti-Skid Photoluminescent Polycarbonate Floor Dots

Package : 10 Dots • Price per Dots
Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Dots
Quantity :
Package : 10 Dots
[ Dots = Dots total]
Product Description
Anti-skid Polycarbonate Floor Dots can be used to mark exit routes in your facility.

• Plain photoluminescent dots brighten the path leading to a safe location outside your facility.

• Circular dots feature anti-skid surface and adhere to the floor easily.

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