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BAL1400 Emergency Ballast: BAL1400 Emergency Ballast (EXIT-BAL1400) Learn More...

Part# EXIT-BAL1400
Shape Horizontal

Product Description

Emergency Ballasts make a difference! Keep emergency lights working with these easy-to-install emergency ballasts.

  • The BAL flourescent emergency ballast allows the same fixture to be used for normal and emergency operation.
  • BAL switches to emergency mode during power failure and uses one or two existing lamps.
  • This unit contains a battery, charger and inverter circuit in a single package and is damp location listed.
  • Installation requires professional electrician.
  • Installation Instructions
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    Apr 13
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    • Operates with or without an AC ballast and is able to convert new or exisiting fluorescent fixtures to inconspicuous emergency lighting.
    • In cases of emergency can operate one or two lamps for a minimum of 90 minutes.
    • Functions on a dual 120/277 voltage.
    • Sealed NiCd battery has a 6V long life, is maintenance-free and rechargeable.
    • Ballast can be mounted for installation inside, on top or in remote of the fixture.
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