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Chicago Approved Exit Signs (28595)

Chicago Approved Exit Signs
The City of Chicago requires specific, steel-housing Exit Signs for the toughest Exit Signs in the business. If you are in Chicago and need compliant Exit Signs and Emergency Lights, you've come to the right place. Every Chicago-Approved Exit Sign has a steel housing and red letters for a streamlined look and sturdy outer shell. LED lighting uses less energy than other exit signs, and provides a luminous emergency lighting supply in a blackout or fire emergency. Don't take the risk of failing your Fire Marshal inspection -- go with the Chicago Approved, compliant exit signs.
  • • Signs are housed in steel casing.
  • • All signs have Chicago compliant red lettering.
  • • Combo emergency light exit signs are available.
  • • Edge-Lit signs feature steel housing above the sign.
Chicago Approved Emergency Lights
Chicago Approved Emergency Lights
Click here to see regular and two headed emergency lights and lighting.

Chicago Approved Exit Signs (82591)

Chicago-Approved Exit Sign, Steel face
Chicago-Approved Exit Sign, Steel face