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Remote Lamp Head: Remote Lamp Head, double head (EXIT-RH16-2) Learn More...

Part# EXIT-RH16-2

Product Description

Remote Lamp Heads provide vital lighting to obscured areas. Lead the way to an Exit with single and double-headed lamps in your establishment.

  • Remote heads are available in 6 Volts with 5 Watts energy.
  • Weather-proof remote head options are available. Please call for more information.
  • Each light is designed to match your emergency lighting system for a consistent look throughout your building.
  • Installation requires professional electrician.
    You can download a detailed spec sheet by clicking here.
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    Apr 13
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    • MR16 halogen lamps are high performing with metallized reflector and glass lens for ideal light distribution. Lamp heads are adjustable.
    • Electrical wiring is not provided.
    • Universal mounting base plate included. Mounting is suitable for both wall or ceiling mount.
    • Housing is injection-molded, engineer grade and 5VA flame retardant.
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