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Eco Plastic Exit Sign: Red, Recyclable, Non-Toxic, and Non-Radioactive Plastic Exit Sign with Universal Mount Canopy: Visible at 100 feet (EXIT-7008)

Part# EXIT-7008
SPN# B878
Color Red
Contents 1 Exit Sign

Product Description

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  • 8.625" x "16"
  • Double-Sided-100 Ft Visibility
  • Single-Sided- 100 Ft Visibility
Double-Sided-100 Ft Visibility
UV and weather resistant. Apr 1
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  • GloBrite┬« , Eco with plastic frame uses zero energy and runs on stored ambient light
  • It is free to run and does not require maintenance, bulbs, or batteries.
  • It is recyclable, non-toxic, and non-radioactive.
  • Designed for wall mounting and is moveable if egress paths change.
  • Provides consistent, uniform illumination visible at 100 feet.
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Size:8.625" x "16"
Material:Double-Sided-100 Ft Visibility
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